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1. Book your charging tariff and enjoy full flexibility.

2. Enter a bit of information about you and your vehicle. This information is mainly collected to create your account and to ensure that you receive offers that fit your vehicle.

3. Choose your preferred method of payment.

4. Order your charging card or, if you already have one, enter the number of your card. You can choose to activate your contract right away or set a specific date for activation. You will receive a full overview of your contract. If everything is correct, simply click confirm.

CHARGE NOW charging card

Activate your card and download the CHARGE NOW app

After you’ve activated your card, the service is available to you right away. With our app, you have access to our charging network.

You can search for charging stations, check plug types and their availability, and even start the charging process. You can also view and update your account and billing information.


Explore our network

The map lets you find charge points – in our app and on the website. Filter by plug types, charging speed, and availability. View ratings and leave reviews.

You can also display a route to your desired charging station and start navigating straight from the app.

And if a station offers remote charging, you can initiate that process, too.


Start charging

Depending on the charging station, you can start the process in a variety of ways and enjoy maximum flexibility.

Charging card: Use your card to authenticate yourself at the charging station before starting the charging process.

App: Start and stop the charging process directly from your app. At some charging stations, you can also track your charging process via the app.

All of your charging activities are displayed in your account.

Learn more about EV charging

An electric car’s cockpit display shows the battery's state of charge


The duration of a charging process depends on various factors: the battery capacity and level, the vehicle’s maximum charging speed, and the charging station’s speed and capacity. Electric vehicles can be charged with the following:

Alternating current (AC), which offers a maximum power of 43 kW.

Direct current (DC), also known as fast charging, which starts at 50 kW.

High Power Charging (HPC) is the next-generation charging technology and starts at 100 kW.

A person plugs a charging plug into an electric car to start a charging event

Plug types

Your CHARGE NOW app shows which charge points have the right plug for your vehicle.

At AC stations, type-2 plugs are the most common, but some have type-1 plugs as well. DC stations have either CCS or CHAdeMO plugs; European car manufacturers use the CCS standard.

Find charging stations in the CHARGE NOW app

Charge points*

The public charging infrastructure in Europe is growing steadily. All major highways are now equipped with fast charging stations. There’s also a growing number of stations in urban centres. With CHARGE NOW, you can charge conveniently at home, on the road, and abroad. Check our map to see all of the charge points in our network.

Woman stands next to an electric vehicle, looking at the CHARGE NOW app.

Charging your vehicle

When you reach the charging station, you usually need to authenticate yourself with your charging card. This unlocks the charging sockets. You can then plug the cable into your car. In some cases, the cables are not locked and you can plug them in before authentication. Once the charging cable is plugged in, it’s locked securely on both ends before the charging starts. It stays locked until the charging process is terminated. To complete the charging process and unplug the charging cable, the charging card must be re-read. At some charging stations, you can simply unlock your vehicle to disconnect the cable.

Woman finds out about charging costs in the CHARGE NOW app on her tablet

Costs and tariffs

Your tariff offers either flexible or fixed charging prices.

Flexible price: The charging prices are set by the respective charge point operator. Prices can vary depending on the operator you charge at. Before charging your vehicle, check up-to-date prices in the CHARGE NOW app – or visit our tariff page and map.

Fixed price: Uniform prices apply across all charging stations. Please note there may be exceptions for some charge point operators.

Charging costs abroad may differ. Always check the app for prices in different countries. Depending on your tariff, additional fixed costs such as a one-time registration fee and a monthly base fee may apply.

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