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1. Get to know our tariff
2. Activate card
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4. Start charging

Get to know our tariff and register

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CHARGE NOW is a charging service providing easy and comfortable access to public charging infrastructure within the CHARGE NOW network.
It enables our customers to get access to public charging stations of different operators with just one contract, both in the home country, as well as in other EU countries.

Within the registration flow, you have the possibility to select if you want to sign up as a private or business customer in the registration step 'Payment Details' (applicable for all our existing European markets).
Business customers must provide a valid VAT ID.
The invoice layout and content is the same for private and business customers but for business customers the VAT ID is added on the invoice PDF.
There are no disadvantages of registering as private customer.

You can easily cancel the contract by using the self-service:

1. Log in to web frontend
2. Go to Contracts
3. Select the contract you want to cancel
4. Cancel contract

By doing so, you can also indicate the reason for your cancellation that helps us to improve the service we provide.

Please note that charges may follow after contract termination due to possible delayed receipt of charging detail records from the charging station operators.
In addition, please note that your charging card associated with the contract would also get terminated upon contract termination.

To have your account deleted, we will need you to:

  • Have all of your invoices paid
  • Terminate your contract and lock your charging card

If the two above prerequisites are in place then the deletion of an account will be done automatically by the system after 180 days.

Please note: We are aware that you are generally entitled to the deletion of your personal data according to the GDPR, however, at this point in time, given that we sometimes receive the information on the charging events with some months delay, we cannot rule out that there were no charging sessions which we have to invoice. According to the GDPR we are entitled to keep your data for this purpose for a limited amount of time. We assure you that we will use your data for 180 days after termination for the purpose of invoicing only, if necessary.

In special cases, please do reach out to our customer support.

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* Compatibility of connectors depends on car model.