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Full price transparency

You can use CHARGE NOW with our tariff and easily keep track of your expenses. Check up-to-date prices any time – simply visit our tariff page and map.
CHARGE NOW charging card

Full charging convenience

Enjoy electric mobility effortlessly: with one contract, one card, and one access.

You no longer need to juggle multiple cards and tally costs. Instead, with the CHARGE NOW charging card, you can charge at 200.121 charge points* across Europe. What’s more, you’ll receive a single invoice, listing all of your charging events in your own currency.

CHARGE NOW charging network on map of Europe

Cross borders with a single contract

Charge your electric vehicle at one of 200.121 charge points* in 23 European countries. No matter where you are, CHARGE NOW enables quick and convenient access – whether you’re on a weekend trip or a family holiday.

We are constantly growing our network and adding new charging stations. Check the map to find charge points along the route to your next destination!

Even if you charge your EV in countries with different currencies, your invoice will always be in your own currency. That way, costs stay fully transparent.

CHARGE NOW usage and cost overview

At a glance

Check your usage and invoices online in the CHARGE NOW portal. That way, you always have a full overview of all charging events, including the date, the length of the session, the kWh charged, and the cost. You can also easily book and manage your contracts from home.

In the portal, you can also update your personal profile, book additional packages (if available for your country), and make changes to your contract.

Beat range anxiety with Route Planner Plus

Route Planner Plus optimises your route by automatically adding charging stations based on your personal requirements, vehicle type and other data points such as weather and future charging station availability. So you can arrive calmly at your destination every time.


  • International charging, without the need for multiple cards or additional contracts with other providers.
  • One of the biggest networks in whole Europe.
  • Attractive and fully transparent charging prices and charging sessions - online and in the monthly invoice.
  • Continuous development through innovative functions.
  • CHARGE NOW integrates data of charge points from different sources, standardises them and continuously improves the data quality based on many years of experience.

Our product gives you access to one of the largest networks in Europe. Our network is available across borders, so you can charge at any station in our network.

The app is very easy to use. In a nutshell: after login, you can choose from hundreds of charge points, filter on them, get direction to the address of the charge points, as well as start and end charging sessions.
It is also possible to look at your account and contract details, create favourites, and so much more!


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This is your physical authentication tool to be able to charge your car at our charging stations. When you are at a selected station, just hold your card to the card reader, and with this you can start / stop the charging sessions.

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* Compatibility of connectors depends on car model.